AMAXX Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Population Health Management & Disease Management?

Health Management takes the concept of disease management to the next level:

  • It integrates all components for a physiologic condition of the whole patient population, whereas disease management programs require that a disease manifests itself.
  • A disease management counterpart to our program would be one that manages the care of premature babies.
  • Therefore, in order to get into the premature baby management program, a child would have to be born prematurely!

What is the correct healthcare definition of pregnancy?

  • Pregnancy is, optimally, a 42-week developmental process in which a separate healthy human being is produced
  • Pregnancy is a natural condition of a woman, not a disease
  • Pregnancy is a condition that has many developmental stages with risk factors associated with each stage
  • The risk factors, if detected, can be stabilized or minimized through proper and timely care coordination.
  • This condition requires continual oversight by several different care providers and calls for the education of the mother such that she may be a participating part of the delivery system team.
  • This process flows into the management of the newborn through all of its health management during the first year of life