Behavioral Health Services

AMAXX has guidelines, policies, and procedures for behavioral health and crisis intervention. These guidelines ensure that clinical staff screen for potential behavioral problems. Following are behavioral problems included in our screenings:

Pediatric-focused services include
  • Domestic violence (the occurrence of domestic violence increases in frequency and severity during pregnancy. Victims of domestic violence have difficulty being emotionally available to their babies)
  • Perinatal Mood Disorder (Maternal depression has a profound effect on health behavior and the degree of risk to their children related to the length of the mother’s depression)
  • Substance abuse and tobacco use
  • Crisis management of members that are deemed a threat to themselves or others.

Outreach for Behavioral Health Services

  • Assist OB and Pediatric providers to assist them in detecting patients with potential behavioral problems and provide appropriate referrals.
  • Pediatricians have access to mothers during their regular visits with their babies. They may evaluate mothers by taking a history and using screening tools to evaluate for postpartum depression.
  • AMAXX social workers and provider relations nurses assist providers with referrals to the plan’s BHO and other community resources.